ROBOBOX ANDROID TV ™ ~ Remotes & Easy Set-up instructions

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setup up and contents

1) One new RoboBOX.
Tested and pre-installed with apps.
2) Power cord. Plugs in back RoboBOX.
3) User Manual. Be sure to read.
4) 3 foot HDMI Cable. Plugs in back of RoboBOX and your TV.
5) 2 Remote controls. One includes 2.4G wireless Gyro Air Mouse & Keyboard.

ROBOBOX NOW INCLUDES: 2.4ghz wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and air mouse. 

requirements: television with at least 1 free hd input. An internet connection. internet (Ethernet) cable (not needed) box is wireless.

REMOTE explained

You need to quickly familiarize yourself  with the remote functions.

For best use always point your remote directly at your RoboBOX.

tip: You can fast forward and rewind your show a few minutes at a time by using the left or right arrows on your remote.

navigation - Use the arrow keys on your remote to navigate around the pages and  menus.

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ok button

Press the ok button to choose your selection.

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return / previous button

Press the return button at anytime to return to the previous page.


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mouse option

Press the mouse button to activate the built in mouse control.

Press it again to De-activate.

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home page

Press the homepage button at anytime to go to your homepage.

Power button

power button

Once you have connected your RoboBOX with the TV and the supplied cables and a power source. Press the Power button on your remote control.

Once fully loaded you will be taken you your homepage.

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<- your homepage

On the left is the homepage for your RoboBOX once it's loaded and powered up.

This is your menu to the brains of your system It is very intelligent and will do updates automatically every times it's powered up. It's safe, free and loaded up with dozens of apps for streaming High Definition Movies and your favorite tv shows.  More on that later.

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step 1

Using the arrow keys on your remote highlight the "SETTINGS" option.

NOW: Pres the ok button on your remote to continue.

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step 2  

choose connection type

Select the type of internet connection you are going to use for your ROBOBOX.

Default is set to wireless.
If your are going to use wireless go to STEP 3.

TO HARD WIRE insert your Ethetnet cable in the back of ROBOBOX.
Highlight "ETHERNET" and pressthe ok button on your remote to enable connection. Once you are connected go to see STEP 5


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step 3  - wireless set up

Using the remote find and highlight your wireless connect name on the left.

NOW: Press the ok button on your remote to continue.

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step 4  - enter password

Input your password using remote.

Default is set to show asterisks in the filed window.

TO see your password in the field window highlight and select "SHOW PASSWORD"

Once you have entered your password highlight "CONNECT NOW" and press ok on remote. 

Once you have enabled your wireless connection see STEP 5 below.



step 5  - connected?

Press the "HOME" button on your remote to be taken to your HOME PAGE MENU.



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